BDA Program Evaluation Update

Since I joined the Beaverton Downtown Association (BDA) as the Executive Director in June of 2023, I have had the great opportunity to work with business owners, community partners, and city leaders. With a very full slate of events already in progress when I started with BDA, I spent the last several months prioritizing the existing calendar, as well as the usual behind-the-scenes activities of running a nonprofit organization. More importantly, I have spent the time trying to learn more about the wants, needs, and concerns of business owners and community members. 

It quickly became clear to me that the BDA could benefit from undergoing the process of a Program Evaluation, under the guidance of Oregon Main Streets. Between the impacts of the pandemic and subsequent recovery efforts, Beaverton’s rapid growth, and a period of turnover in BDA leadership, the Board of Directors and I felt like the BDA could benefit from the feedback and suggestions that a Program Evaluation would provide to us. 

This robust evaluation was aided in great part by the results of a survey that went out to the community in January 2024, as well as the participation of small focus groups of community members, business and commercial property owners, volunteers, and partnering organizations. Our deepest thanks go out to everyone that participated.

As you can see from the Program Evaluation report, we do some things very well, and as expected, we have room for growth and adaptation in other areas. To that end, the BDA Board of Directors will be utilizing our annual retreat in mid-May to focus on developing our strategy for strengthening the organization and for how we can most effectively serve Downtown Beaverton. In addition to the results of the Program Evaluation, our work in the retreat will be guided by the Main Street Four-Point Approach ™. I encourage you to check out this link to learn more about the work of Main Street programs (and how you can be involved). 

One of the things I love most about Main Street work is the idea of embracing incremental change to create lasting change. A steady, thoughtful approach to growing our organization is the work we will be undertaking, and we’ll be sure to keep you updated as much as possible as we roll out our strategy and work plans. 

Last but most certainly not least… 

I want to extend a heart-felt “Thank you” to the many volunteers that help keep the BDA on track. From our completely volunteer Board of Directors to our committee members, ad hoc volunteers, and everyone that participated in providing feedback for our program evaluation, we absolutely could not function without you! Thank you for all that you do, and for giving of your time and energy. Downtown Beaverton is always getting better because of you.