The Passport to Old Town Beaverton is back!

After taking a break to update the passport to be more COVID-friendly, we now have a mobile app, and it’s really cool.

We are starting small this year as we experiment and grow with this new app, but you’ll still be able to find all sorts of great deals and discounts when you use the passport app. There are a lot of fantastic local businesses that you will discover this way.

Participating is easy, and there is a continual process of achievement as you work your way through visiting these downtown businesses.

Want to participate? Here’s how!

  1. Download the BabbleBuy app. This is a local app that is working with us to facilitate the passport program. They love downtown businesses, and they want to help you love them too.
  2. Create your profile.
  3. Visit the Passport to Old Town page.
  4. Visit a participating business.
  5. Take a photo in that store and post it to your BabbleBuy profile. This will serve as your “stamp.”
  6. When you visit that business again, show them the photo/post. This will qualify you for the discount or promotion that business is offering (if any).

Since there is usually a reward for each business you visit, you can do this on your own schedule without worrying about trying to rush to squeeze every business into one downtown visit. Just keep coming back!

We are really grateful to BabbleBuy for their collaboration in this program. We were going to create our own app, but when we stumbled upon BabbleBuy and learned that it was a local startup, the partnership was natural.

So, come on out and explore great homegrown downtown businesses this holiday season! The passport runs through March 31, 2022, so definitely keep coming back through the new year.

Curious about what businesses are participating? You can check out the list either within the BabbleBuy app or on the BabbleBuy website here.

See you out there!