By Merlin Douglass

Ash DeMello collects information for a living. DeMello has been the local Beaverton Patch curator for Beaverton since April 2021 when the electronic news publication launched locally.  The busy mother of three says the national patch news organization specializes in what they call hyper-local news and that’s where she comes in. As a curator, DeMello scans local news sources big and small for news particular to Beaverton and culls the most interesting items for her daily recap.  

Syndicate Wine Bar glasses.
Syndicate Wine Bar glasses.

To be sure, she often finds material in larger news organizations but some of her best sources are local business blogs like the one produced by Syndicate Wine Bar. “I love Syndicate, obviously for the wine,” she says, “but also because the business is engaged with the community and its customers and is active on social media.”

She’d like to improve her local coverage by encouraging business and community members to let her know when they hear about something happening in Beaverton. “I would love to get input, having people reach out, sending me interesting things happening around town,” she says. “That’s always welcome.” 

Originally from Salem, DeMello moved to Beaverton six years ago from north Portland. She
says it was so much more than she expected. “The suburbs get a bad reputation. I wasn’t sure what I would find out here. But it’s awesome,” she says. “It’s so diverse. The schools are great. It’s everything I could have hoped for.”  

Part of living well for DeMello is being able to enjoy great outdoor spaces, and that’s particularly true in downtown Beaverton. She says she is impressed with the way the city is run, particularly in the face of the many problems all cities faced this past year. “There is so much collaboration in Beaverton and everything seems to be working so well,” she said. “We often walk around, my husband and I, and admire what’s happening. Whoever’s in charge, they’re doing a good job.

1st Street Pocha serves Korean street food and is new in town. Delicious!
1st Street Pocha serves Korean street food and is new in town. Delicious!

The best part, she says, is always discovering something new. Recently during Beaverton Restaurant Week, DeMello and her husband found an unexpected opportunity to try Korean
food. “We went to 1st Street Pocha. That was amazing. I have a little bit of Korean heritage but I hadn’t tried Korean food before. It’s so good. Comfort food. The servings are big too,” she mused. “Maybe share size.”

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