Week 2 Living well in Beaverton

Week 2: Western Medicine – January 15-21 

Last week we explored the presence of Eastern Medicine practices and providers in downtown Beaverton. This week, we’ll look at the establishments in downtown Beaverton that provide services in Western Medicine. 

You’ll find a selection of primary care providers, along with sources that provide a curated medicinal selection, or even support during pregnancy. 

Getting and staying healthy is fully supported by these downtown Beaverton establishments.

Beaverton Pharmacy is your local downtown Beaverton source of personalized prescription medicine and medical equipment, and it even offers a gift shop! This unique pharmacy has been serving downtown Beaverton for over 85 years. They offer custom medication, which you might need for hormone replacement or wound care, or due to allergies or side-effects, among other things. They also offer medical equipment, ranging from walkers, wheelchairs, and braces to compression socks and blood pressure monitors. Their gift shop is stocked with local and national products, and also offers home décor and toys. Finally, if you can’t make it to the location, Beaverton Pharmacy can deliver.

(503) 644-2101   12250 SW Canyon Rd

Pacific Medical Group is a patient centered medical home that prides itself on being easily accessible and able to offer an extended network of providers. A medical home offers enhanced coordinated medical care for its patients. Pacific Medical Group’s vision includes “remaining on the forefront of the incorporation of technological changes that improve practice management services.”

(503) 644-1171   4510 SW Hall Blvd

Health Resources Unlimited Inc. is a health and diet food facility. Dr. Mitchell Bebel Stargrove will help you find what you need to improve your health and supplement your diet. Additionally, MedicineWorks™ is a division of Health Resources Unlimited, Inc., and is a resource designed to help safely and effectively integrate herbal, nutrient and drug therapy. 

(503) 520-1741   4750 SW Watson Ave

Pregnancy Resource Center is a pregnancy care center. It offers resources for those who have decided to give birth, such as parenting classes, diapers, and clothing. They serve as a supporting and caring environment and are described as calm, welcoming, friendly, and comforting. 

(503) 643-4503   4975 SW Watson Ave

Virginia Garcia Health Center is a Beaverton School-Based Health Center located on the Beaverton High School Campus. Services are available to any student enrolled in the Beaverton School District, including home school and private school. It offers primary care and mental health services. It also offers vaccinations and childhood immunizations. Virginia Garcia Health Center also partners with several organizations in the community to ensure health care access for everyone.

(503) 356-3985   13002 SW 2nd St

Kimmi Clinic offers primary care and family medicine services with a patient centered approach. It also offers auto and sports injury rehabilitation services. Finally, you can find chiropractic services here as well. Dr. Helen Pak, D.C., FNP has the mission to serve the community in a family-centered way with her holistic medicine practice.

(503) 641-4244   12795 SW 3rd St

This post written by Mariah Welka.