There is no escaping the fact that the Covid-19 pandemic altered the trajectory and livelihoods for the preponderance of our Beaverton Downtown community. Considering immediate business and staff turnover, followed by the ambivalence and sheer anxiety that became omnipresent, the ongoing recovery and reopening of our community truly speaks to its resilience.

Beaverton Downtown weathered multiple hits by finding creative avenues to survive and thrive; perhaps no project symbolizes this feat more than the opening of the First Dining Commons. Not without its limitations, the First Dining Commons has been a source of community gathering and continues to boost restaurant businesses during dining rush hours.

Parking has been a hot-button issue in downtown; this year the City rolled out the West Library lot for public parking. The BDA is also working with businesses that have large parking spaces to open them for a few hours to the public (during non-business hours). There will never be a panacea for parking in Downtown but there is something to be said about a local government that is constantly responding to the needs of its constituents by offering creative short-term solutions while planning for long-term infrastructural changes.

There are exciting new developments in Beaverton Downtown such as the opening of Puppernickel, Beaverton’s first doglicious barkery (delicious bakery) that recently opened. Bring your furry friends and appreciate the first Compassionate Little Free Library installment outside of Puppernickel.

“Dog and books! Sounds like my kind of place.” -Excited Local Book & Pet Enthusiast

Temperature checks have become the norm during this pandemic. When we check the temperature of the Beaverton Downtown today, it is RED hot! We saw you turn up for Beaverton Restaurant Week and experiment with cuisines from around the world. We celebrated the Beaverton brewery scene with you during the Brewverton Beer festival. We dressed up and went trick-or-treating together around Downtown during Booverton. And we may be done with 2022 but we are nowhere near done with bringing you family-friendly fun in the heart of the city you love. Follow Beaverton Downtown Association on Instagram and Facebook to stay in the kNOW.

The BDA wants YOU…to do awesome things in the Beaverton Downtown community. Email to get involved! Volunteers contribute an average of 2-6 hours per month depending on the project. Opportunities to serve in Design, Organization, Promotions, and Events committees.